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track record

Our local integration into the swiss real estate market gives us access to quality off market deals.

Despite challenging market conditions, we close transactions regularly.

We’ve never lost a client and all our exits have been at a profit.

Client referrals is our only source of marketing and growth.

Aclens Vaud
Aclens | Vaud
Düsseldorf Germany
Düsseldorf | Germany
Lupfig Aargau
Lupfig | Aargau
Wettingen Aargau
Wettingen | Aargau
Wohlen Aargau
Wohlen | Aargau
Zeiningen Aargau
Zeiningen | Aargau
Oberdorf Basel
Oberdorf | Basel
Reinach Basel
Reinach | Basel
Muri bei Bern Bern
Muri | Bern
Thun Bern
Thun | Bern
Epagny Fribourg
Epagny | Fribourg
Roveredo Graubünden
Roveredo | Graubünden
Delemont Jura
Delemont | Jura
Cornaux Neuchatel
Cornaux | Neuchatel
Cortaillod Neuchatel
Cortaillod | Neuchatel
Gerlafingen Solothurn
Gerlafingen | Solothurn
Wil St Gallen
Wil | St. Gallen
Sirnach Thurgau
Sirnach | Thurgau
Aclens Vaud
Aclens | Vaud
Gland Vaud
Gland | Vaud
Rümlang Zurich
Rümlang | Zürich
Uitikon Waldegg Zurich
Uitikon Waldegg | Zürich
Volketswil Zurich
Volketswil | Zürich
Wil Zurich
Wil | Zürich
Zurich Zurich
what we do

Sharp strategic focus in what we do and who we work with,
thus ensuring top quality investments

Best informed knowledge about the swiss real estate market opportunities and risk analysis

Unquestionable market reputation, credibility and value system

Sourced a wide range of quality off market real estate opportunities over many years

Met our partners’ investment criteria through agile decision support

Efficient and rapid closing of transactions through best in class specialists’ network

Hands on asset management to execute property business plans to achieve target yields

Achieve lifetime value by exiting at the right time to reinvest

how we work

we take over the entire process for you and simplify your engagement

Having boots on the ground, we accept end-to-end responsibility from acquisition to exit.

sourcing fee

sourcing quality properties

We attract top quality real estate opportunities based on our respected reputation

We systematically search for properties & projects through quality established networks

We created proprietary technology to filter opportunities, finding and picking those offering the best future value

We carefully assess risks and then the mitigating actions to extract sustainable lifetime value.
transaction fee

matching the right investors to the right properties

There are only a few properties out there that meet your exact needs, so we pride ourselves on having the technology for finding for you that needle buried deep in the haystack.

Every investor has unique investment criteria that we identify with them by asking the right questions in the appropriate context.
transaction fee

transaction closing process

Closing take too long if done without preparation, disciplines and access to the best in class specialist leading to lost opportunities.

Speed is critical to protect good deals, negotiate optimal terms & conditions and start earning income as soon as possible.

Through strong decision support processes upfrontduring the sourcing and matching phases, you have peace of mind knowing we've selected the right property matching your criteria.

Such a piece of mind allows us to make rapid decisions for you without having to consult on every non-major issue, thus ensuring the adequate turnaround time for closing your acquisition

Our unique data room management is key to having all the relevant and requisite documents available for the expert team during the due diligence processes.

Our best tax, legal and financing advice is paramount to negotiate most favorable terms for the sale & purchase contracts.
asset management fee

property & portfolio management

One of the biggest fears of any potential investor is the hassle of managing a property and achieving the expected returns on invested capital.

We take this burden entirely from your shoulders while providing you with ongoing reporting to keep you well informed and up to date.

Maintaining, protecting and increasing the lifetime value of your property are the core activities of our exclusive property & portfolio management.
value incentive fee

selling properties at maximum value extraction

It is very important to exit at the right time to continuously create fresh value, which we determine through our proprietary technology.

Knowing the Swiss real estate market so well, we have access to many potential buyers willing to acquire your asset at fair value at the right time. We have made a healthy profit on every asset we have sold that we managed for our clients.

Our professional ethic is to always look for the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Thanks to our objective fact-based methodology, no arbitrariness favors the seller over the buyer or vice versa, and this guarantees trust for all parties.

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