Real Estate

what we do

what we do

We are direct real estate investors,
with investment partners.

We are direct real estate investors focussing on properties in and around Switzerland. Worldwide, we invest in special development projects in attractive jurisdictions that meet our specific criteria, e.g. uniqueness, market attractiveness, future-orientated, scale, risk profile, quality of partners, etc. We developed propriety processes and PropTech to enable us to buy right, manage right and exit right, thereby exceeding market returns for us and our investment partners. Our company, called SwissInc Ltd, is based in Zurich and our specialist team is structured in the four real pillar businesses, i.e. transactions, property management, development management and decision support.

what we do

why we do it



Investors always seek stability and security to preserve capital.


They need down-side protection and invest in low-risk opportunities.


In an uncertain world, this becomes increasingly important and sought after.


Real estate investments are attractive due to stable fixed income streams, capital preservation and the robustness of an asset class uncorrelated to market fluctuations, but there is a need service providers who can unlock the potential of stable real estate investments to achieve higher yields whilst maintaining low risk exposure. They need a trusted and reputable local partner who is well embedded in the local market. This partner should provide an fully-fledged real estate service with end-to-end responsibility and willing to co-invest to ensure alignment of interests.
how we work

our investment cornerstones

Buy Manage Exit Right
how we work

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Investment Partners
how we work

our operating model

how we work

our end-to-end process

We operate with full control and end-to-end responsibility.
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track record

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Track Record
track record

what we have achieved

We have a long and successful track record of creating lifetime value for us and our partners by acquiring, developing, managing and successfully exiting real estate.

Aclens Vaud
IRR 17%
Düsseldorf Germany
IRR 16%
Lupfig Aargau
IRR 14%
Wettingen Aargau
IRR 6%
Wohlen Aargau
IRR 8%
Zeiningen Aargau
IRR 18%
Oberdorf Basel
IRR 11%
Reinach Basel
IRR 16%
Muri Bern
IRR 15%
Thun Bern
IRR 9%
Epagny Fribourg
IRR 15%
IRR 20%
Delemont Jura
IRR 7%
Cornaux Neuchatel
IRR 15%
IRR 13%
Wil St Gallen
IRR 13%
Sirnach Thurgau
IRR 17%
IRR 17%
Gland Vaud
IRR 18%
Rümlang Zurich
IRR 28%
Uitikon Waldegg Zurich
IRR 15%
Volketswil Zurich
IRR 14%
Wil Zurich
IRR 24%
Zurich Zurich
IRR 10%
IRR 15%
Worb Viessmann
IRR 20%
Wohlen Aargau
IRR 7%
track record

who we are

track record

our unique proposition

track record

our partnership advantage


what we are working on

Core and Core Plus

Health Care Facility – CHF 38M
Retail Centre – CHF 80M
Mixed-Use Building – CHF 60M
Mixed-Use Building – CHF 110M


Hotel & Business Apartments – CHF 90M
Mixed-Use Building – CHF 130M
Offices, Swiss Post & Data Centre Campus – CHF 95M
Private Residential Estate Development – USD 60M


Future Smart City – CHF 200M
Green Ammonia Plant – EUR 400M
Training & Rehab Centre with Exclusive Residences and Hotel – USD 3’500M
New Wholesale / Retail Development – CHF 90M
New Logistics Development – CHF 180M


where we are

SwissInc AG | Ankengasse 4 | 8001 Zürich
T +41 44 202 0250 |